The tandem accelerator is opened for researchers in universities, institutes, and companies, not only inside but outside of Japan. Proposals are accepted twice a year in May and November. Proposals submitted by June (or December) are discussed in the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting held on June (or December).
  The proposal should consist of a cover sheet ( template ), and a detailed description of the proposal which may be written in a free-format. Please give information that PAC members can judge scientific merit and feasibility on your proposal. A typical example of the structure of the detailed description is given below:
  1. Aim and scientific meaning
  2. Goal of the proposed experiment
  3. Experimental method
  4. Estimation of the beamtime requested
  5. Safety issue
  6. Publications related to the proposal
  7. References
  Please contact a staff of JAEA before submitting proposals. If you do not find a contact person, send an e-mail to riyou.tandem"at"

  Next PAC meeting: December, 2023 or January, 2024. (teleconference)
  Deadline for submitting proposals: November 30, 2023.

  Please send your proposal to riyou.tandem"at"